Welcome and a little about me


Hello and welcome to Diary of a fat girl’s journey to Healthy!  Let’s start with a little about me.

startphotoI am Patricia Bishop but everyone calls me Pat!  I am 55 years old and my Birthday is Saint Patrick’s day!  I’m the Mom or an amazing Adult daughter and a widow.

So let’s move to the reason I started this Journey; in February I went to the Doctor with strep throat, when  I was weighted I was shocked that I was 345 pounds!  So once I finished my antibiotics, 10 days later, 2/13/2017, I just started trying to move more  often.  Then on March 27th weighed myself and found on my home scale I was 320, on that day I also started using Teami’s 30 day detox!  By April 26th , (30 days after starting), I was 313!


Well that’s my back story, I know invite you to join me on  my weightloss journey!